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ImageMuhaMMedî Melâmet’in ÂNlaşılaBİLmesi ve ÂNlatılaBİLmesi için Kul İhvÂNi(Latif YILDIZ) tarafından KELİMElerin ılımları!

A harfi ile ilgili KELİMElerin ılımları;

ABD: This is an Arabic term translated as “slave” traditionally. Unfortunately term ‘slave’ is falling short in terms of describing what "ABD" is. "ABD" is a very special term used in the Qur'an. They sometimes say "Servant"to substitute this but slave, servant etc. are only looking at from a particular angle in terms of receiving order from God and carrying it out and not being able to step out of His Sunnatullah. Being bound to ALLAH in every way. However "ABD" is deeper than this. "D" is like "Daimiyyat: Continuity"
Letter "B" is like the Secret of "B" within the Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahiym or "Bilelik: BEing with"
"A" is "Ayn" referring to "Aql : Mind or reasoning" in the humanbeing. This means When the Daimiyyat(continuity) comes to your Mind(Aql) by the secret of "B", you become "ABD". Absolute Abdiyyat belongs to Rasulullah SAWS and we can only get a share from that continuity(daimiyyat) and abdiyyat as much as our minds (aql) are . iBADat(Worshipping) is to confirm your being as ABD and to seek ownership(sahibiyyat) to it on behalf of Allah j.j. 'Abd' means I am continual by ALLAH who is AD-DAIMU...

AD-D’AIMU (J.J) (dhatī)( اَلدَّاإِمُ) : the One whose existence, is permanent, and has no beginning or end. The wajibul wujud( the one whose existence is the real and essential. Existence of all creation depends on Allah), Qayyum(see 64) and Baqi(see 13) who creates the temporary existence(creation).

This means my continuity comes from AD-D'AIMU. With this D'AIMIYYAT , my mind can cognize, sense, knows things in Zahir(Outer) and inner (Batin). By AL-HAYY , We are alive. Whether We realise this or not this is like that...

ABU BAKR -may Allah be well pleased with him : He is the first caliph (Muslim leader) after the death of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad -peace be upon him.

Âdâb-ı Muaşeret(Adab-i Muasharat) : A Turkish phrase meaning good manners/ethics. It means the manners of living nice islamically and getting well with the others. Acting in accordance with the tradition (Sunnah-saniyya) of the Prophet(sas). Having manners towards the people, and manners of living humanely and islamically. Confirming to the tradition(sunnah-i saniyya) of the Prophet (sas).
ALİ -MAY Allah be well pleased with him: He is the fourth caliph after Muhammad -peace be upon him.
AL-HAqq: One of the names of Allah.
ADHAN: The call to prayer pronounced loudly to indicate that the time of praying is due.
AHMAD: Muhammad -peace be upon him; Ahmad being one of his names.
AİSHA: One of the wives of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad. The wives of the Prophet are addressed as ‘mothers of the Believers’.
ALLAH: The word ‘Allah’ is the Personal name, universal name of the only one Lord for all the universe. He is its Creator, Organizer, Planner, Sustainer and the Giver of Security, etc... He has no partner or the like. He has neither beginning nor end to His existence. He is free from any blemish or fault. None has the right to be worshipped (e.g. praying, invoking, asking for help, swearing, slaughtering sacrifices, giving charity, fasting, pilgrimage, etc.) but Allah. This Personal name, ‘Allah’, has no equivalent in any other language. It is the name of His Person. The word ‘God’ or its equivalents in other languages can not replace the name of Allah. The word ‘God’ in English, ‘Dieu’ in French, ‘Huda’ in Persian are not the equivalent of Allah. All these words have plurals in their languages. However, in Arabic language the word Allah has no plural form. Allah is One and has no equal.
ARIF: The one who reaches to the secret of " the one who knows(becomes aarif to ) him self(nafs), knows his Rabb(Lord)".
“ARIF is the one understanding the TRUTH (HAQQ) and GOOD(HAYR)!.” (kulihvani)

ImageALIF (ا ): "AHADIYYAT": The Essence Truth (Haqiqat) of all the truths. Being mujarrad (pure, unmixed, single, naked, alone) in His own exalted Dhat (self- essence-reality of God). Being ONE in His Unique, Unequalled, Unknowable and Ineffable Absolute Essence.
This is the veil of Divinity (Uluhiyyat [1]), so no sign or measure can be talked about...
This is the Absoluteness in His "Dhat (Self-Essence -Reality)".

ImageALIF: "KAMALIYYAT (Enlightenment –Perfection)": Having Absolute Perfection (Kamal) peculiar to His Divine Essence (Dhat), ALLAH Taa’la commanded the perfection and betterment (kamalat) in this examination of servitude.
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